Your Monthly Cycle: an exploration of the menstrual cycle

Sunday, january 27, 2018 4:30-7:30pm
LOCATION: Blockhouse bar 205 s. college ave. bloomington, in 47404
$30-$40 Sliding Scale with two scholarships available

Did you know your menstrual cycle encompasses so much more than your period or bleeding days? Or that how you bleed - the texture, color and amount of blood are all markers for your whole health? How about that pain in your cycle is not normal, but an issue experienced by many folks? Or how about the commonly held belief female bodies are always fertile or able to get pregnant, when in actuality, fertility is just a handful of days out of each cycle. 

Let's learn together! We are offering a workshop about menstrual cycle awareness as vitality and a measurement for health. This workshop will deconstruct the menstrual cycle and offer a facilitated discussion about anatomy and methods of self-care and healing. We will speak to the cycle as a tool for harnessing your innate creativity and wisdom; how to understand the cycle so you can thrive throughout the month. There will be a brief section on contraceptive options, including hormonal birth controls, IUDs and the Fertility Awareness Method. 

We strive to create a safe space for all questions and concerns - this is a place to learn from each other. The goal of this class is for participants to leave feeling connected to their bodies and fellow humans, to open a door for empowerment through sacred and life-changing knowledge that is our birthright, which is often kept out of conversations and education in mainstream society.

Who is this class appropriate for?
-This class is focused towards those who have a uterus
-All ages
-Those experiencing painful or abnormal symptoms during their cycle
-Those who rely on pain relief to get them through their bleeding time
-Folks who are hoping to achieve or avoid pregnancy
-Those who are on hormonal birth control 
Those who experience gynecological imbalances (BV, yeast, UTI, mid-cycle bleeding)

Spaces are limited. RSVP at Please direct questions, concerns and inquiries on the scholarships to the same email address.

Hope to see you there. Thanks!

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