I’m so grateful to have had Claire as my doula for the births of both of my daughters. As a Master’s of Public Health (MPH) and a doula, she’s incredibly knowledgeable. She helped me feel safe and to know that I was in good hands. Even though I was the one giving birth, I know that I never want to have a baby without Claire there. She lets me know that I CAN do it. She was also very supportive of all of my choices, from my 30-hour unmedicated birth, to my choice to receive an epidural during a 6-hour super intense labor. She’s truly like a sister to me now, and plays an important role in the story of our family.
— KH, Bloomington

As a first-time mom, I had a million questions about pregnancy, birth, and postpartum care. Truly I had no idea what to expect! At every meeting, Claire and Katie put me at ease with their extensive wealth of knowledge. Knowing I was weary of a hospital birth they provided me with all the information needed to develop a fitting birth plan. They walked me through what to expect during delivery but also assured me that if things changed they were there to be my advocate. During my labor they were motivating me and taking me though the ins and outs of what my body was going though in the exact moment. Just that alone was invaluable. I will be forever grateful for their patience, attentiveness, and care. They are a rocking good team and without them I would have been lost in the process.
— EG, Bloomington