Postpartum Care

Postpartum care and support designed for elevating the long-term health of mama and her family.

Whether provided by a paid professional or someone in your life, is incredibly essential to the short and long-health of the birthing parent and their family to receive consistent support through the postpartum time, especially in the weeks following the birth. Your INNATE-certified care provider will work with you prenatally to create a personalized postpartum plan to meet the unique needs of your growing family. In an ideal world, she will serve you for a period of six weeks or longer; however, postpartum care provided in any amount is beneficial. All care is given with the goal of a peaceful, and yes, enjoyable immediate postpartum with the promotion of a long resting and recovery period.

Care provided…
-Nourishing meals made in-home to meet your specific dietary needs
-Breastfeeding support and education
-Warming body treatments (herbal baths, Abhyanga warm oil massage treatment, yoni steams, sitz baths, castor oil packs and more)
-Herbal support
-Mental and emotional support
-Assistance and support with physical recovery
-Contraceptive and menstrual cycle consultation
-Domestic help with chores such as laundry and dishes, picking up
-Baby wrap and carrier support
-Cloth diaper education and support
-Connection to community resources

It is common in the United States for the postpartum period to go unacknowledged with no guidance given during the pregnancy on how or what to plan for in the weeks after the birth; this is huge disservice to all families. We as humans need support to thrive - the adage “it takes a village...” could not be more true. Connections is operating with the understanding postpartum care is a necessity, not a luxury, and when provided, parents are able to step into their new role with whole health. 

Postpartum care makes a great gift! Are you attending a blessingway or baby shower in the future? Consider providing the new family with a helping hand.

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