Birth Doula

Birth Doula
As your birth doulas, we will hold several prenatal meetings to discuss and create your birth plan and all that goes into preparation for your labor and birth. We will discuss how we can best support you and your partner during labor and birth. Our job as your birth doula is to provide you and your partner or family with emotional, physical, and mental support throughout labor and birth. We will help you find information and resources throughout pregnancy and serve as an information source during labor and birth. Our goal is to ensure families feel empowered throughout labor and birth and feel that they were able to advocate for themselves throughout the process. In addition to our meetings, you can expect phone and email support throughout your pregnancy. Once you are in labor, we will meet you for physical and emotional support for the entirety of your labor and birth. Following the birth of your child(ren), the postpartum care provider will support you and your family. This allows for a seamless transition from birth to postpartum and ensures thoughtful and continuous care. 

We are excited to offer Birth & Postpartum Doula support for your family as a team. Upon hiring, you will receive birth doula support, a built in backup birth doula, and a postpartum care provider. Why this package? From our experience serving families and growing our own, we believe families deserve and benefit greatly from care throughout the entire experience - pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. Our package will serve you better as you transition through your different roles and step into parenthood. 

 Our support is grounded in both experience and evidence-based research. We believe every family deserves an empowered birth experience - one rooted in your innate knowledge and ability, informed consent and community resources. In addition to our care, you can expect to be further connected to the deep well of resources available in our special Bloomington community. It is our mission to help you build your web of support.

It is an honor to serve you during this special time. If you are interested and financing this support is difficult for you, we encourage you to reach out to see what can be arranged.

Please contact us at for a free consultation or with your questions.